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Our approach and online content is designed to give academic staff, researchers and professional service staff the skills, confidence and capability to continue to develop as experts in their field.

"One of the most professional products I have ever seen."
- Researcher Development Manager 

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Who's It For?

" Excellent asynchronous training. I can fully recommend them. "
- CDT Manager, Cambridge

‚Äú For someone with English as a second language this is perfect. ‚ÄĚ
- Post-Doc, UCL

PhD Students

For those at the start of their research careers.

Early Career Researchers

For those emerging researchers and future research leaders.

Research & Academic Staff

For those who are research or student focused and more established in your academic careers.

Over 20 Universities, CDTs/DTPs and Research Institutes around the world have been using our online programmes.

Proven Portfolio of Courses

  • 25 courses and growing.
  • Over 46 hours of video content and growing.
  • Fully captioned videos for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • Average completion rate in excess of 70%.¬†
  • Flip classroom online workshops on most¬†courses.

Watch Anywhere, Anytime & On Any Device


We’ve taken our workshop content and re-designed it specifically to optimise for online delivery.

Clean & Simple

Easy to navigate, the intuitive structure makes it simple to access and use the content.

Desktop or Mobile Ready

All the content is mobile ready and videos will play on any device.

Closed Captioned Video 

All online courses have closed captioned subtitles.

Accessible Downloads

All downloads have been reviewed for accessibility.

Participant Support

Multiple methods for participants to access any support they need.

Completion Certificates

All our courses have downloadable course completion certificates.

24/7 Access

Courses globally accessible 24/7 on any device; desktop, tablet or mobile.

High Engagement

Our courses have world class engagement and competition statistics.

What People Are Saying *

" The course was very informative and, as the name suggests, practical! "
- RA, Kings

" Clear, informative, no-nonsense approach - worth the time investment. "
- Lecturer, Cardiff

" Useful content, very clearly explained. "
- PhD, Nottingham

" Really useful and informative. "
- PhD, Exeter

" Excellent course! Useful tips and suggestions. Just what I need. "
- Lecturer, UCL

" Clear, concise, logical and helpful - and a really approachable webinar leader. "
- PhD, Leeds

*Taken verbatim from unsolicted feedback from course participants.

Practical Project Management

We've been teaching project management to Early Career Researchers for over a decade and our flagship Project Management course is now available online. Pragmatic tools, technique and tips to deliver projects in an expert setting, and it achieves an average completion rate in excess of 90%

Practical Project Management Practitioner is for available for established researchers and academic staff.

Practical & Pragmatic Skills



The least you need to know and do to manage your research, build successful collaborations and lead collaborative projects throughout your research




Practical and pragmatic processes, tools and techniques for managing and supervising others, working with academics, handling difficult behaviours and tackling courageous conversations.




Simply and easily applicable ways of managing your imposter staying resilient and boosting your resilience in an academic environment.




Practical and pragmatic ways of underpinning your research career, from starting to finishing your PhD, enhancing your reputation and your network, to being enterprising and planning your future.



Practical and pragmatic toolkits full of tools and tips to help researchers communicate, write and be productive with confidence and ease.

PhD Inductions

Three courses to augment University Inductions supporting PhD candidates as they navigate the start of their first, middle and final year of study.



Based on our proven live workshops that we've been delivering for over a decade.



Need Something Else?

"Some of the most insightful and inspiring workshops I have attended in my career."
- PI, Independent Research Institute


Covering all the skills needed for future research leaders.


One to one or group mentoring when a more individual approach is required.


When you need to generate ideas, facilitate change or tackle team performance.


If you'd like to learn more about what we do and how we might be able to support your people, then please get in touch.

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